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- Salsa-Clubs in Germany, Austria and some other countries -

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Various: Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland...


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COUNTRIES, Part 3: USA   ( => go here for Part 1: A to F )

Addresses and Pictures of the Salsa Clubs in Germany

Salsa in California:

San Francisco, CA:

MON + TUE + THU + FRI + SUN: Albertos, 736 West Dana Street, Mountain View, 650-968-3007

TUE: Glas Kat, 520 4th Street, San Francisco (415) 495-6620

WED + THU + FRI + SAT: Roccapulco - 3140 Mission Street, San Francisco (415) 648-6611

WED: Down Low Lounge - 2284 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley (510) 548-1159

WED + THU: Jillian's - 101 Fourth Street (415) 369-6100

WED: Agenda Lounge - 399 S. 1st St. (at San Salvador), San Jose, 408.287.4087

THU + SAT: Cafe Cocomo, 650 Indiana Street, San Francisco, 415-824-6910

THU: Club Miami, 177 W. Santa Clara, San Jose, 408-279-3670

FRI + SUN: Caribbean Gardens, 1306 Bayshore Rd., Burlingame (650) 344-1797

FRI: Danceasy, 9951 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, (510) 524-9100

FRI + SAT: Club Miami, 177 W. Santa Clara, San Jose, 408-279-3670

SAT: Maiko's Dance Club, 1629 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, 510-527-8226

SUN: Planet Gemini 625 Cannery Row, Monterey CA, 831-373-1449

More Info arund S.F. bay:

Salsa in Colorado:


Sevilla Nightclub & Spanish Steakhouse
  Denver Pavillons, 500 16th Street, Suite 350,
  Denver Colorado 80202, Tel.: +1 303 298 777
  "Nice Club with enjoyable ambiance."

Salsa in Florida:

Miami Beach, FL:

every day: Mango's Tropical Cafe
  900 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Tel: (001)-305-673-4422

Senor Frog's Cantina and Bar
  betw. 6th and 7th Collins Avenue, Miami Beach ę Copyright by, Austria &

Bolero Bar & Grill
  661 Washington Avenue, South Beach Miami, Florida 33139

Casa Salsa
  524 Ocean Drive, Maimi Beach, Tel. (001) 305- 604-5959

Club Mystique (Rueda)
  Miami Airport Hilton Hotel, 5101 Blue Lagoon Dr.

Cristal Nightclub
  1045 Fifth Street, Miami Beach

many thanks to Sandra Saladin from Aachen/Germany
for these adresses from Miami Beach!

New York:

MON: El Flamingo
  547 West 21 Street, New York, NY 10011-2811 (Between 10th and 11th Avenues)
  Tel: 212 262-1111, Subway: 23 Street Station on E and C line. See the MAP

THU, FRI: Tony's of Worth Street
  83 Worth Steet, (Between Broadway and Church St.), New York, NY 10013-3411
  Tel: (212) 962-0834, Subway: Franklin St. Station on C, or E train , MAP

WED, THU, FRI & SAT: Gonzalez y Gonzalez
 625 Broadway, (Between Houston and Bleecker St.), New York, NY 10012-2611
 Tel: (212) 473-8787Bar, Mexican Restaurant Dance Floors, DJ Salsa, Merengue.
 Small dance Area. Bring your own partner as On-2" insurance.  Subway: Bleecker St. Station on 6

Chrissies personal web site tip for Salsa in NY: These N.Y. Clubs and more You find at: !

Salsa in Washington DC:

THU, FRI + SAT HABANA VILLAGE, 1834 Columbia rd.,admission 5$, (202) 462-6310

THU: CECILIAS, 2619 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204 phone (703) 685-0790

FRI MEDATERRA, 2614 Conn. Ave. N.W. Wash.DC

FRI + SAT NICK┤s NIGHT CLUB, 642 S. Pickett St., Alexandria, VA

SUN: 1223, Connecticut Ave., Platinum

More info at:



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You know another Salsa-Club that┤s not listed here? Suggestions ? Something has changed ? Put in on the list / message board. Everybody can read it there immediately and I might pick it up there and add it to the Salsa-page later on (in order to list the suggested salsa-club on the salsa-page I need: name of the club, exact address, phone, days/times when there┤s salsa, admission fees and whatever else You want to have published).

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